Solutions for your home interior

Solutions for Your Home Interior understand that your home reflects your unique personality. We ensure that our expert team will assist you from the very first step until you can see the master-piece interior in your home.


Direct consultation in your home

Direct Consultation in Your Home

Some people have a clear vision for their interior, and others just not sure where to start to design their home. We are ready to be called and visit your home to ensure that you can have direct consultation with us.

24/7 Free Support

Feel free support 24/7 days

Feel Free Support 24/7 Days

Feels free to visit our page any time 24/7. Our team will respond your inquiries.
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JAKARTAFURNITURE.NET – MODERN INTERIOR & MINIMALIST FURNITURES serve clients from the very first step initial consultation, right through the design, manufacture, and installation.

In this step, we build a clear direction and initial conversation in regards with scope of the project. We will know you, the object space (home or office / apartment or place as object design), your needs and your vision.
The next step, with agreed time line we will visit your home/office/apartment or place as object design, to measure the space and gather more detail information.
We will go through detail mapping between the actual space and clients’s requirement with considering some aspect such as: scale and what furnishings are needed, creating the palette of materials, electrical lay out mapping for lighting etc.

We create a scaled plan-view of your space – a drawing of your room with require furniture on it in 3D version. Focusing on the practical considerations such as size, proportion, and function. We’ll have discussion again to review these preliminary plans.

We calculate the cost and manage your budget very carefully. The cost calculation process will be based on selected material, size or volume, complexity of detailing, the 3rd parties’ supplier cost and the availability budget from clients.
In this phase, we let clients to sit and relax waiting us to develop all agreed design. We will coordinate with selected supplier with proven reputation and quality to support and supply all require materials to get the best qualities and overall result.
We will deliver the product right to your place as agreed time line. In this stage, we will coordinate with related parties such as sub-contractor of your house, developer, 3rd parties’ supplier, building management (for office and apartment), and so on.

We let clients to ensure that the installed products are met with expectation or even beyond expectation. Clients will have the chance to communicate any concerns, problem and objection related to the installed products. We will provide service to fix it until accepted by clients.

Our services cover guarantee of the installed products in certain period. Furthermore, outside the 8 steps above, we provide also maintenance & refurbishment services. The type and term of maintenance & refurbishment services applied based on client needs and subject to be discussed based on inquiries.


The most important in decorating is the relationship between object-in size, form, texture, color and meaning.

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halo gan apa halo dan nih manggil nya….


anyway, cuma mau bilang klo si Mas yg 1 ini adalah RECOMMENDED SELLER !!!

ga nyesel deh berbisnis dgn doi !!!!

creasicars, Jakarta
barang dah nyampe bro….thanks bgt recomended seller kata bini gw lo sendiri yg ngantar ya hehehehe
fly555, Jakarta
testi yaa..

kemaren uda sempet mesen meja tv sama agan ini

mantab hasilnya, seperti yang ane mau bgt hasilnya, keren pula!

makanya ane mau mesen lagi sama agan satu ini..

pokoknya reccomended seller deh!

nb: pesanan rak buku ane gimana nih gan?? hehehe

beema87, Jakarta