We serve clients from the very first step initial consultation, right through the design, manufacture, and installation. JakartaFurniture.Net is an expert on combining all the required elements among select object-in size, form, texture, color, the meaning, and the purpose of an interior to gain the fabulous interior.
Following are the process of key elements to serve our clients:

Intorduction Conversation

We Do It Right The First Time

In this step, we build a clear direction and initial conversation in regards with scope of the project. We will know you, the object space (home or office / apartment or place as object design) ,your needs and your vision . We will ask questions and you can ask question to us as well to get the same interpretation and understanding




Site Survey and Consultation

Explore Your Options With Us

The next step, with agreed time line we will visit your home/office/apartment or place as object design, to measure the space and gather more detail information. We will do necessary action such as noting electrical outlets, knowing the drainage pipe, and any detail angle of your space. We will raise more specific questions to know your expectations and take any information as inputs to visualize the requirements and expectation.




Space Planning & Architectural Planning

We care about detail

We will go through detail mapping between the actual space and clients’s requirement with considering some aspect such as: scale and what furnishings are needed, Creating the palette of materials, electrical lay out mapping for lighting etc.
In this step we also offer clients to choose materials with our supervision and guidance and or suggestion in order to have perfect combination of the finishing color, type of handle, type of racks, top table for kitchen, framing and any detail supporting material.


Design Visualitazion and Presentation

IMagine it

We create a scaled plan-view of your space – a drawing of your room with require furniture on it in 3D version. Focusing on the practical considerations such as size, proportion, and function. We’ll have discussion again to review these preliminary plans. Clients will have opportunity to review and (if require) we can adjust the design until truly met with the needs without ignoring the aesthetic and architectural aspects.




Cost Calculation in Accordance to Budget Availability

secure your budget

We calculate the cost and manage your budget very carefully. The cost calculation process will be based on selected material, size or volume, complexity of detailing, the 3rd parties’ supplier cost and the availability budget from clients.
Customer satisfaction is our priority, if there are any dispute expectation, we will find the best ways to achieve win-win solution.


Interior Development & Supplier (3rd Parties) Management

We choose good materials

In this phase, we let clients to sit and relax waiting us to develop all agreed design. We will coordinate with selected supplier with proven reputation and quality to support and supply all require materials to get the best qualities and overall result.




Delivery and Setup

let us work for your better home

We will deliver the product right to your place as agreed time line. In this stage, we will coordinate with related parties such as sub -contractor of your house, developer, 3rd parties’ supplier, building management (for office and apartment), and so on. We have experienced on managing various parties which related to furniture installation process. Let us manage, and you can sit and relax until all products installed in their space.



Prepare your self

We let clients to ensure that the installed products are met with expectation or even beyond expectation. Clients will have the chance to communicate any concerns, problem and objection related to the installed products. We will provide service to fix it until accepted by clients.





Guarantee, Maintenance, and Refurbishment

DOn’t Worry!

Our services cover guarantee of the installed products in certain period. Furthermore, outside the 8 steps above, we provide also maintenance & refurbishment services. The type and term of maintenance & refurbishment services applied based on client needs and subject to be discussed based on inquiries.

We believes with the professional hard worker, consistencies, trust worthy and customer first mind set we can deliver the “beyond expectation” services right in to your place.