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The process is started by  client  requirement , continuing with consultation to get better understanding  in order to fulfilled the needs . Our mission is to   satisfy client with provide the  best design and quality in line  with its function and aesthetic. It will be the honor for us if it exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We are an expert on combining all the required elements among selected  object-in size, , texture, color, and the purpose of an interior to gain the fabulous interior.

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Solutions for your home interior

We, JakartaFurniture.net understand that your home reflects your unique personality.
Allow us to help you create the unique space in your home.
We ensure that our expert team will assist you from the very first step until you can see
the master-piece interior in your home.


Direct consultation in your home

Some people have a clear vision for their interior, and others just not sure where to start to design their home.
We are ready to be called and visit your home to ensure that you can have direct consultation with us.




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24/7 Free Support

Feels free to visit our page any time 24/7. Our team will respond your inquiries.
Please address your email to : myinterior.info@gmail.com



Our Projects

Longevity of your Home!

Our trusted team of designers, architects, and builders are standing by to help you improve the value of your home. Home repair services are meant to improve the longevity of your home, as we carefully conduct maintenance repairs throughout the interior and exterior of your condo, single family home, apartment or townhouse.

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Aku ga mau pakai yang lain, soalnya sudah pernah beli meja TV, coffee table sama ambalan hasilnya oke memuaskan banget


Ibu Rumah Tangga

Kitchen Set-nya bagus sesuai dengan design awal


Karyawan Swasta

Saya dan istri puas atas hasil kerjanya, semoga ke depan bisa order lagi untuk kitchen set


Karyawan Swasta

Mas Yordan, MANTAPPPP banget hasilnya perfect. Puasss banget.


Karyawan Swasta

Meet Our Team

We’re There for You!

As the areas leading furniture business, we are proud to offer a multitude of furniture and property improvement services. Our services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to improve the value of your home.

In order to best serve you, our customers, we have gathered a team of engineers, architects, technicians, and even a few interior designers to work diligently on all projects. Our team specializes in bringing value to your home through indoor furniture, kitchen set, wardrobe projects. Simply give us a call to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today!

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